Become a Reiki Master

Become a Reiki Master (Study Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III)

Package Deal Special –

Become a Reiki Master for ONLY $200! Best Reiki deal in town!

Learn Reiki I, Reiki II , Reiki III –

Take a Reiki weekend — Free Reiki I on Friday!

(Others charge $650- $10,000 to become a Reiki Master — our gift to the community is to only charge $200 for you to become a Reiki Master.)

9 am – 6 pm — long weekend Reiki training – 3-days to become a Reiki Master


Free Reiki Certification Training

Call Taylore / Roi Tel. 1-360-748-4426.

Become a Reiki Master for only $200.

Free Reiki 1 offered 4 times a year.  Chehalis, WA,

Reiki South oof Seattle , WA and Reiki north of Portland, OR

Reiki Washington | Reiki Oregon

Reiki weekend — Free Reiki I —

Reiki Blog

Reiki Miracle Healing

Cosmic energy healing


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  1. 1

    slingword said,

    Seeing how there isn’t any evidence that Reiki does anything other than transferring money from one person’s, I find it amazing that people still believe in this nonsense.
    In fact, you could make $1,000,000 by demonstrating that it does work, but nobody can.
    More here: (his website is no longer found!)

    ANSWER: We give away free Reiki 1 Classes! During the free class you will also receive a free Reiki treatment! Check us out — The Reiki Ranch

    Most people do not charge for Reiki treatments.
    They may charge for their time, but the energy comes from God and it is free.
    Don’t just believe in energy healing. Experience energy healing — Reiki — yourself.
    You will feel uplifted, refreshed and happy from a Reiki treatment!
    No one can show you that there is oxygen in the air, but by experience and breathing it you stay alive. Show me that you can prove that there is no oxygen in the air by looking — because you cannot see it and I will give you $1,000,000! ($1,000,000 is being held in an escrow account in Dinars.)

  2. 2

    Lindsay said,

    Only $200 to become a Reiki Master? How is this so affordable? I wish I lived in the area!

    – Lindsay

    ANSWER: The founders of the Reiki Ranch believe in giving back to the people. And the more students and practitioners of Reiki the better place the world is! Little by little we are making a difference in the vibrational frequency of Earth. People who become Reiki here also learn to use the Law of Attraction in a positive way.

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