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How to Get Your Power Back

How to Get Your Power Back

If you think you have no control over your life, think again! No matter how helpless you may feel, you can break the need to please everyone else and discover the inner strength essential to your happiness, health and well-being. When you focus on yourself and do the work to release fear your reactions become more connected to spirit and your actions become the correct things to do. You will start feeling authentic instead of a puppet to your emotions. We all have mind programs that jerk us around and cause even more proplems.

Reiki is a great tool for getting your power back!

How does Fear make you feel?

It makes you feel needy for everything, it motivates greediness and grasping, it takes control of your thinking and feelings in a negative manner, it insists on certainty, but that’s impossible because of the fear.

Love on the other hand always feels good, it fulfills you, it needs nothing (you are not needy), it relaxes control, it causes you to embrace all that happens even uncertainty, and inspires liberation and freedom.

What are you feeling? How is your life working for you? Do you feel needy or do you feel that you need nothing? We’re not all vibrating totally in fear or all love. We are in and out of different frequencies so we’re not always in one frequency or another. See if you can figure out where you spend the most time vibrating. It can be easy to focus to decide your intent when you know how beneficial it is.

You have to want to feel better? Would you like to have better health, happier relationships, more money, inner peace, and even more? Have you written down you wish list and your connection to the Universe via Reiki will deliver it to you!


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