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Visualize Your Reiki Connection to Earth

You are an initiate of Reiki and your energy level is very high and your connection to Source is enhanced.

A Mediation on your connection to light.

You can Visualize yourself as a glowing giant sphere of light. Feel your light extending/connecting to the Earth as you sit in the chair beneath you. As you breathe in deeply, allow all the stress, tension to leave your body to be exhaled out your feet with that breath. You are doing an energy healing for your body.

As you allow your attention to shift to the giant golden yellow ball of energy below, feel the very heavens above you opening a door and shining a light down into your soul, your heart and your body.

Feel the cells in your body getting stronger in the force of life, see them getting happier also. Feel your body getting lighter and all of you — body, mind and spirit to be enlightened.

See your energy going deep into Mother Earth and feel the energy being cleanzed by Earth. Bring all your energy back into the body, feeling refreshed, strong and peaceful. Thank Earth, thank Source energy for helping enlighten and bringing health into your body.

All is well!


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