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Two Good Reiki Points

Remember that once attuned to Reiki — you always are Reiki.  Could you be a rusty Reiki practitioner? There are two things that you might consider worthwhile if you are taking up Reiki training for the first time, or picking it up again after a bit of a break..

1. You need to use Reiki every chance you get

Reiki energy healing needs to be used. This Sounds so simple. But, getting a daily spiritual practice happening is one of the hardest things you will probably ever do.

So, here’s a tip from a Reiki Master.. send Reiki to everything that would be considered an block to your goal of “doing” Reiki everyday. Whether that is no time, or too much time, or laziness, or tiredness, or whatever..

Send Reiki to everything you love and appreciate!

2. The more you use Reiki the stronger it gets in your body.

It is a good practice to think Reiki, Breathe in the Reiki. Don’t go back to a walking sleep and forget that you are Reiki!

Help other wake up, too

Reiki Blog…  laughter is the solution! I go around saying “I love you” over and over and this keeps my energy up!

Keep up your Reiki journal. I hope to see you one day!

Reiki Healing + Free Thinking


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